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In the last 24 hours we have received several questions from you about the current situation. We have decided to collect all questions and answer them publicly for you. We hope that this will help all students at the FH, because it affects everyone at the FH and furthermore the problems are very diverse. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us. We are still working hard for you!


Are the cancelled exams automatically considered postponed without loss of attempts?

If you have not written an exam, you cannot fail it. So yes, there is no loss of attempt.

Why isn’t it possible to catch up the exams at the end of April? Why will there be no alternative date?

Depending on the departments there will be alternate dates, your department will inform you.

Will the 6th semester students have an earlier date for writing their papers?

The 6th semester is no exception. The arrangement as described above applies.

Is it clear that the exams will not have an other date?

Examinations can be made up according to the department's requirements, as this would further shorten the semester. We will publish further information as soon as we have it.

What about 3A examinations?

3A examinations that are now being corrected or for which the 3A examination has not been scheduled yet, cannot be held until the beginning of the attendance period at the FH. With the beginning of the attendance time (date: 04/20), they will be made up. The dates will be arranged as usual with the first examiner.

What are the rules for improvement attempts?

You have a period of 12 months to start the improvement attempt. If your deadline expires in the summer, it will now be automatically extended and you can start the attempt in spring 2021.

What's a hardship case? In which cases is there a hardship case?

A hardship case is when the study programme - due to a special restriction - does not goes as planned. This can be due to a chronic illness or another kind of illness, but also when a degree is imminent and you only have a few exams to take before graduation, which have now been cancelled. A case of hardship must be sufficiently justified and must be applied at the examination board, which will then decide on the application and a possible substitute performance (e.g. written exam, oral exam, term paper, ... ).

How can I apply a hardship application?

A hardship case must be sufficiently justified and must be applied at the examination board, which will then decide about the application and a possible substitute performance (e.g. written exam, oral exam, term paper, ...).

I'm missing one last exam in my bachelor's degree. Am I a hardship case?

In such situations, the hardship test is still in the hands of the department, especially of the examination board - and in these special times probably in the hands of the chair of the examination board. This is a good example for a hardship case that came up in yesterday's crisis meeting. In case of doubt, it is always worthwhile to submit a request for hardship cases to the examination board, which will then decide on a substitute performance (e.g. written exam, oral exam, term paper, ...).

If you apply for a hardship case now, are you allowed to write the exam?

An alternative performance and what this might look like is in the hands of the examination board (to which the application must also be addressed). It is also responsible for the evaluation of a hardship case. It can decide whether there will be an alternative performance in the form of an examination or, for example, a term paper or oral examination in this module, in this particular case.

What is the benefit of the hardship claim?

A hardship case must be sufficiently justified and must be applied at the examination board, which will then decide about the application and a possible substitute performance (e.g. written exam, oral exam, term paper, ...).

Where can I find the template for the hardship application?

An application for hardship can be submitted formless to the Examination Committee; it should only be titled as a “hardship application”.

Does a contract for the bachelor’s thesis also count as a hardship case?

In the departments, hardship cases are decided individually. In this case you should submit a corresponding application to the examination board, it must be sufficiently justified. The examination board then decides about the application and a possible substitute performance (e.g. written exam, oral exam, term paper, ...).

Cancellation one day before the exam. Is this a hardship case?

Not generally. The cancellation was based on a ministerial order. If you want to assert special circumstances (contract bachelor thesis or similar) it would be possible. Please submit a corresponding application to the examination board of your department.


What is the regulation regardless deadlines, changes in the examination regulations and exams that should be offered for the last time?

There will be an extension of the deadline and all exams that were last offered this week will be offered again this summer. Admitted to the exam are those who were registered for the exam in the cancelled phase.

At FB6 the old examination regulation is currently being phased out and there is only time until September to write it. But many of us lost the first of three attempts and could therefore not take the oral exam if necessary. Will there possibly be any special regulations there?

The arrangement of this situation is the responsibility of the deanship of FB6 and was not discussed further yesterday. If this had been the last offer of the exam, there would have been an extension for an exam. In case of doubt, it is always possible to submit a hardship request to the examination board if there are problems with the module examination. There will be an email from the deanship 6 in the next few days, which should answer all important questions about the transition of the examination regulation. If such questions are not answered, you can always write to the deanship yourself.

What about the exam ban at FB8? The only thing I'm missing is the one module I wanted to write in March. Without it, I theoretically could not write exams from the next (fourth) semester in July. What about the block then?

All blocks are suspended if you were registered for an exam and it has now been cancelled. So you can also write your fourth semester exams in summer.

I cannot start my practical semester because only one exam is missing. What to do now?

Exactly for such cases, a hardship request can be made to the examination board - with the appropriate explanation of the situation. They decide on the application (admitted/refused), on possible examination alternatives (e.g. oral examination, term paper, …) and the next steps.


Does that mean that the summer exam phase will remain for the current date? When will the exam phase take place in summer? When will it be ready?

The summer retreat will take place, as usual, during the usual period.

Will the exam phase be extended in June/July?

No, the summer exam phase will have the usual time frame.


Is it still possible to hand over the bachelor’s thesis? In person at the examinations secretariat or will there be an online solution?

Each department will send its own e-mail to the students, but as a rule it should still be possible to hand in the bachelor thesis - if necessary by e-mail.

What about the enrolment for the Master? The only thing I need now to finish my Bachelor is the cancelled exam. Of course I have an admission and I would have to register by April 15th.

Please contact your board of examiners and, if necessary, file a hardship claim.

I'm writing my bachelor’s thesis and have a deadline for enrolment for the Master's until 14th of April. Will there be any changes?

Please contact your examination board and, if necessary, make a request for a hardship case.

Can my colloquium / practical project examination take place in the Bachelor?

The colloquium can still be applied from the first examiner and can also be held until the 20th of April, if all people involved agree with the situation (room size, distance between persons, ventilation, ...) and no persons show symptoms or other illnesses.

Can I still register my thesis if I am now missing credits, because of the cancelled exam?

For such "blocking regulations", the failed exams are considered passed so that the final papers can be started. The examination would then have to be made up in June/July.

I'm going to writhe my Master thesis in April. If I repeat the exams, what would happen if I failed?

Please contact your examination board, since the decision lies with the department.


How can the lectures already start when the start has been postponed to 20th of April?

These are online lectures and not classroom lectures. This means that everything can be called up and processed online.

Will there be exercises starting on 23th of March?

Your department will let you know by e-mail during the week.

When will the lectures end in summer?

These will end at the usual time - this depends on the department.

Do the exams start after 17th of July?

The exams will take place at the usual time.

Is it possible to watch online lectures even after the live broadcast?

How the online lectures will be designed and whether there will be recordings or self-study materials or something like this, is up to the decision of the person responsible for the module as well as the handling of the materials after the event. Unfortunately we cannot give a general answer to this question. However, if something is recorded, there is a high probability that the material will still be viewable after the event.

Will online lectures take place at regular times as in the timetable?

This will be handled differently in the different departments. It is expected that there will be records that can be accessed at any time.

What about internal university practice projects? Do they take place or is the whole university closed?

This is an individual decision and depends on the project work. Please contact your supervisor or your examination office.

What about internships?

Depending on the module, there will be appropriate substitutes for them, which will allow a similar acquisition of competences.

Will the tutorials somehow take place alongside the online lectures?

The departments will provide separate information on this, this information will be sent out in the coming week.


How exactly do I now apply for BAföG with the reason “cancellation”?

For those people who were now registered for exams and who would thus have overcome their performance limits, the limits will be postponed until the next semester and certified accordingly by the departments.

Is the duration of BAföG funding extended?

The BMBF has confirmed that BAföG recipients don’t need to fear any loss of funding due to pandemic-related semester postponements or university closures.

Would the credits from the March exams have counted for BAföG credits at all?

Yes, regarding the postponement, see above.


Who is responsible for the time and costs of an additional semester?

Nobody, this is an absolutely exceptional situation and it requires adaptation from all sides.

Do I get my semester fee back?

This is an absolutely exceptional situation and requires adjustment from all sides. It is unlikely that this will include a refund of the semester contribution.

What about the standard period of study? That's a disadvantage now.

Of course it can be a disadvantage, but the whole world has to bear the disadvantages of a pandemic.

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